Safety on the Ride

Be predictable
Safe cycling, much like safe driving, relies on predictability

Come prepared
We may be on the bike after sunset, so bring a front light and have a rear reflector. Helmets and rear lights are not required, but they are preferred.

Stay together

• We stop at every light and stop sign.
• We will have route leaders at the front of group, the back, and spread through the middle. They know the route.
• Our goal is to not split up; however, it can happen. We will have several Regrouping Stops along the route.
• No turning on red - For the sake of staying together as much as possible, we won’t turn on red.

Take the leisurely pace
Enjoy the ride! Feel the breeze, take in the sights, and make some friends!

Respect the community
Please do not litter and please avoid riding on the sidewalk

Help each other out
Use hand and verbal signals to communicate with other riders. Shout out turns, stops, passing, debris or obstructions, and anything else that will keep the group safe.

Share the road

• We never cross the yellow line
• We stay to the right and don’t use more than one lane.
• We use the bike lane when available.

Look before you move
Always assume something is preventing you from moving too far to one side until you’ve checked to be sure it’s clear.